In my series “Driven”, I present a selection of images and landscapes that show the influence of the automobile on the American landscape. 
I moved to Colorado nearly 20 years ago and I soon found myself drawn to the wide open spaces of the Eastern plains. Their sheer empty expanse is unmatched in my native Scotland and I quickly found myself criss-crossing the state trying to create images of the emptiness.
Yet in doing so I came to realize that, for many of us, much of the Western US is appreciated at speed from a moving car - that cars and trucks shape our landscape as much as mountains and deserts. Often we don’t even stop to get out and appreciate the beauty in our travels, we’re too fixated on reaching our destination. 
These images are en-route to other places; they are nowhere in particular; yet so familiar to anyone who knows this part of the world. 
I learned to love the journey. 
Colorado, 78mph
Driving into the Storm
Mile 56
Darkness Consuming
Autoscape #2
Ship on the Highway
Autoscape #9
Diagonal Bolt with Dashboard